We do supply rock wool source several countries. This can be used as fireproofing and sound proofing agent in the building’s cavity wall.

Extruded and Expanded Sheets
We supply normal and Flame Retardant type of Extruded and Expanded Polystyrene Sheets as per the required thickness and sizes of the customers. Extruded and Expanded Polystyrene Sheets can be used as heat conduction and soundproofing agent in a cavity walls of buildings. And Expanded Polystyrene Insulation can be used as Void Filler and decoration in a construction projects

Geo Textile
We supply various types of geo textile starting 70 g/m2 to 800g/m2 based on requirement of projects’ specification.

Primer waterproofingWe supply different volume of primer waterproofing materials starting from 12l to 200l

Waterproofing Membrane
We supply various thickness and types of membrane from Local Manufacturer, Turkish and Italian brands.